How It Works for Tutors


Find tuition leads in daily feeds and job board

We display all feeds and deliver both online and offline leads of tuitions to tutors for all levels and all subjects from all over India.


Apply for the matching lead with connecting

Apply for connecting is any interesting leads are found, and they match the subject you specialize in. This application reaches the student account. Connect is available at meager prices. For any direct messages received from students for your listing or profile, you can directly connect with parents or students. You can also answer any inquiries from parents and fix your tuition assignment.


Communicate with a student over PMB

Our proprietary advanced Private Message Board (PMB) lets you communicate with a student once you apply for a job. Private Message Board has an integrated real-time PUSH notification and email notification. It enables you to discuss everything, fix a video call and upload some sample notes if required. You can also request students to disclose their contact details.