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We at Get Guider continuously strive to improve your experience as a tutor/student/institute/coaching center. We understand the struggle of tutors, students and institutes to find students, right and experienced tutors and students/tutors respectively.

We help you by bringing you all together on this platform and connect to each other conveniently. Be it tuitions, test preparation, entrance exams for studying abroad, IT training, language learning or hobby classes; we offer a range of experienced tutors to help you fulfill your requirements.

Also, tutors/institutes can find their leads based on the criteria posted by students. Institutes also find it comfortable searching online for the right resources and students which would help them build their student database and reputation in a shorter span. Here we discuss – how does it work for you as a tutor/student/institute.

Tutors – How does it work?

At Get Guider, we strive to make your life easier as a tutor. We ensure the tutor gets timely notifications of the class schedules, location, and timings which helps the tutor to concentrate on just tutoring rather than the mundane job of maintaining all these on their own.

We help tutors in finding leads with our vast verified student database with our daily feeds and also on the job board. Based on the student details, the tutor can promote himself/herself and generate interest in the student and apply for the same using connect. Also, the tutor can connect with the student over PMB.

Hence, it is easy for the tutors to find leads, connect and become more visible.

Students – How does it work?

At Get Guider, students find it easier to connect with the verified tutors. Based on the details entered by students during the registration and their interests and requirements, the tutors can see the students and vice versa post the verification of students.

Students can also post their tuition requirements on a timely basis which will give them a list of available tutors based on these needs. We help the students to communicate with tutors over PMB. Also, the students can fix a deal with the chosen tutor online.

Hence, students will find it easy to find tutors in the comfort of their homes and concentrate more on their studies.

Institutes – How does it work?

At Get Guider, institutes and coaching centers can be more visible. The registered verified tutors and students and can find it easy to find and register with institutes/coaching centers.

We also help them quickly connect and communicate using PMB and view the contact details easily.

Institutes can also post jobs with us. Tutors get updates on new job postings based on their profiles. If the tutors are interested, they can connect with the institutes and get hired.