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Education is a great and powerful tool, which can transform the face of an entire nation. Today, it is largely considered as a means through which you can get good employment opportunities and why not? After all the students work hard to get good grades so that they can transform it into better employment prospects. But the kind of education being imparted in the country lately has been leaving quite a big section of the people unemployed.

It is a fact that a lot of educated people in the country remain unemployed because either they don’t possess the required skills or they are being underpaid. There are many instances when you would find a lot people working at positions and remunerations for which they are overqualified. But, still due to lack of better employment opportunities they continue working at the same profile. It leaves them frustrated, unsatisfied and they lose the passion to work well. A major cause of corruption, economical and societal disparity in the country lies in its education system.

Our education system is broken because of the existing issues but it can be fixed if these issues are dealt with.The best way to combat these issues is to try and make policies which help in the improvement of the quality of education. Also, latest technology, software and modern methods of teaching should be used. Teachers and trainers must be trained from time to time, on a regular basis to ensure that they are better equipped to help their pupils develop as better individuals. The country is in dire need of teachers, who are passionate and responsible towards their duty. Thus, proper system has to be set up for the assessment of teachers that are enrolled in the educational institutions. Last but not the least our education system should be made so as to make the students employable, i.e. the knowledge given to the students should be more practical.

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